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NTP Sues Apple, Microsoft, Google, HTC, LG, And Motorola
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NTP Sues Apple, Microsoft, Google, HTC, LG, And Motorola

NTP, a US patent holding company famous for sueing RIM in 2006 over infringement of NTP's patents on wireless email technology (and receiving a $612 million settlement) has turned their attention toward Apple, Google, Microsoft, HTC, LG, and Motorola for the exact same reason, filing suit against those companies on July 8th. AndroidCentral wrote that NTP's previous suit with RIM "ended in 2006 with a mega-million dollar judgment in NTP's favor, or their subsequent fight with Palm that quietly disappeared for unknown reasons a year later."

Engadget mentions that considering NTP's "protracted history defending its patent portfolio -- the RIM case alone took nearly five years and ultimately involved USPTO re-examining several patents, rejecting some and then ultimately declaring some others valid in 2009 -- we can't see any of this ending quickly or easily, especially with such formidable adversaries aligned as defendants."

Engadget also suggests that faced with such a lawsuit, it wouldn't be too surprising to see several of the companies to cooperate with each other (to an extent) against NTP's claims.

Phandroid mentions that "the strength and number of companies being sued may work in advantage of the manufacturers and software developers being accused of patent thievery."

AndroidandMe adds that "Tom Campana, the founder of NTP, holds validated patents from the USPTO Board which indicate that he was in fact the inventor of wireless email, we do not have any indication right now that hardware and software technologies used by Google and the other named parties actually infringe on of the patent claims."

AndroidCentral expresses their opinion on the patent battles we have recently seen by asking: "Can I haz patent reform plz?"

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