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New App Lets You Surf the Net Without a Data Plan
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New App Lets You Surf the Net Without a Data Plan

Thrifty mobile surfers, meet your new hero. Smozzy is a new app that promises to be able to help T-Mobile users surf the net without a data plan. Sound crazy? That's what we thought. But it really works.

Smozzy looks like your typical internet browser but, behind the scenes, operates completely differently. Instead of loading web pages by sending data back and forth from cell towers, Smozzy receives that information via an SMS to Smozzy's servers, and then returns the results via SMS. Crazy? Brilliant? All of the above.

Smozzy then downloads all of the files from the requested page and puts them in a zip file, which is re-encoded and received as an MMS before being displayed in the browser window with full images and links. 

Smozzy is available right now only for T-Mobile users, and there's no telling when it may be yanked from the official Android Market site. Better download it right now!


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Source: Android Police


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  • Doesn't that take forever to load a site? There has to be a limit to the ammount of data you can send in a text and Im pretty sure that a graphically intense site would talke forever to load with a set up like that!

  • Very smart solution from Smozzy. Let's see how long it takes T-Mobile to change their SMS/MMS policies..

  • Yes, but then they don't get too charge exorbitant fees for their tiered data plans!

  • Hmmm but I don't know why they'd want to remove it. Having that kind of service just seems like an extra way to attract customers... Websurfing for free but downloads cost. That seems like a good sales pitch.

  • Most T-Mobile users have unlimited texting built-in to their plan. It's legal today....

  • So is it legal? And doesn't it cost you just as much because text messages aren't that cheap....