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No Excuse For You! Google Maps Navigation Soon Available Offline

Ever told a friend you were late because Google Maps wasn't working on your phone?

Consider that excuse void. Well, not yet. But soon! Because Google Maps Navigation -- our hero! -- will soon be available offline, according to a bunch of trustworthy Android sources.

On a recent bike trip around a new city Google Maps was a godsend, but the navigation feature had to sync to 3G every step of the way, sometimes leading to annoying lag times. Other times the feature flat-out didn't work.

Right now, with caching inside of Maps, you can slip outside of a coverage area and still get navigation directions for quite some time, but you’re SOL if you leave the area that’s cached and still can’t seem to grab a connection.

Best of all: the app is still free. I can't imagine a navigation competitor making a dent in the market now..

Source: Engadget


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  • I remember downloading stuff like Mapdroyd and NavDroyd and other apps, but they all used open-source maps that were completely off and awful to use.

  • I assume Nokia and some navigation manufacturers won't like this idea

  • It really is magical. So many people like me use the Google Maps feature on-the-go. It really is one of the most useful on-the-go apps anywhere.

  • DUDE! This is something I've been waiting for, for what seems like ages! I've been so frustrated with not being able to use navigation without data.

    all I can say is: FINALLY!

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