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No More $35 Activation Fee for Verizon Tablet Buyers

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — Mar 14, 2011

New customers looking to purchase an Android tablet from Verizon with a month-to-month data contract will no longer be forced to pay $35 dollar activation fee. The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Motorola XOOM are currently the only Android tablets available through Verizon. There have already been lots of disgruntled people talking about how Verizon chooses to burden its Android customers with ridiculous fees while allowing users to purchase an iPad without any activation fee. 

Finally, it looks like justice has been at least partially restored. Hopefully, this will spell an end to US providers charging ludicrous and bogus fees. Speaking from experiene, however, this is highly unlikely. For those of you that have purchased an Android tablet from Verizon as of March 11th, you should see the usual activation fee get waived on your upcoming bill. 

Source: DroidLIfe

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