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Nokia "going Android" with future Symbian UI update

While Symbian might be doomed with Nokia's plans to move to Windows Phone 7 later this year, their efforts to date will culminate in possibly the last update the OS will see. Nokia is targeting a major UI overhaul for the fall and while details are skimpy, a leaked picture from what seems to be an internal presentation shows some interesting features that take some design cues from our beloved Android.

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 Of course many had hoped that Nokia would can Symbian and move to Android, but Redmond's financial impetus (rumors pegs it at at least a billion USD) sealed the deal for WP7. The above picture with the "thin pull-down statusbar" and the "flexible widgets" reminds at least a bit about Android, however. Obviously the redesign has been in the pipeline for quite a bit now, but considering the Symbian dev strike after the WP7 announcement, it may just be a fun little inside joke. 

It's good to see that people loyal to Nokia or stuck in 2-year contracts with a Symbian device get at least some love, but with the WP7 annoncement, app development will quickly cease, leaving them with a pretty UI, but not much in terms of new apps. If you're in the second category, the UI update should bring you up to speed with part of what makes Android great, and when you're ready to abandon the sinking ship, you can dive right in. 


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