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Nook Color gets early Honeycomb treatment
Android 3.0 – Honeycomb 3 min read No comments

Nook Color gets early Honeycomb treatment

The Nook Color, as I found out recently, is quite the little troublemaker when it comes to Android tablets. While the UI overlay it ships with is book-centric (no surprise since it's a Barnes and Noble product), the developer community has been working hard  to overcome its limitations and port Froyo to it. There are a few videos showcasing their results and it seems they have gotten the full Froyo experience ported to the Nook. Now it seems that they have managed to get the early build of the Honeycomb SDK installed on it. Read past the break for more. 

The full Honeycomb SDK is supposedly being launched next Wednesday at an invite-only Google event around 3.0, but some developers just couldn't wait to try out the goodness for themselves. They report that, just like the emulator version, Honeycomb is pretty slow on the device and not everything works. Once the full SDK hits, we can expect a lot more dev efforts to make this work. 

The Nook Color only comes with an 800 Mhz Cortex A8, but from what I can tell it runs Froyo just fine once it's been hacked onto it. Since there aren't any hard requirements for Honeycomb, the Nook has a good shot at providing regular users with a good experience, nice specs and a great build at the perfect price. The Nook Color is 12 mm thick and weighs 450 grams, comes with 512 MB of RAM and about 5.5 GB of user accessible memory for apps, music and documents/books. The crown piece is its 7-inch 1024 x 600 IPS display at almost the same resolution as the iPad. Barnes and Noble uses a lot of marketing mumbo jumbo around the display, but from user reports, its less glossy and more pleasant to read than the Galaxy Tab. The best thing is its price though: $250. Second to that is only the active developer community working on making it be more than a book reader. 

I've been meaning to ditch my iPad since I can't really justify the $450 I paid for it just to read news in Pulse and browse the internet and Youtube. It's not nearly ready to replace even my travel laptop (a 7 year old IBM X40) and it's too heavy to read books anyway. I'm pretty much sold on the Nook Color since the Xoom and other Gingerbread tablets will be out of my price range from what I can gather at this point and I'll report back if and when I make the jump. 

Photos: xda-developers (user: deeper-blue)

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