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One Big Problem with Amazon's App Store
Amazon 1 min read 7 comments

One Big Problem with Amazon's App Store

Amazon's App Store may offer great deals on exclusive apps, but users who try to delete the Appstore app from their phone after downloading will be in for a nasty surprise.

According to Business Insider, once the Amazon app store has been installed on your phone, there's no going back. If you try to delete it, whatever apps you downloaded using Amazon will no longer be able to work, and you'll get this error message: 

Business Insider suspects Amazon is "collecting usage data through the Appstore app -- that's how it can afford to subsidize apps." Another possibility is that the app sends some kind of signal back to Amazon to prove it's not pirated through its Appstore app.

Whatever is going on here, it's a bit too parasitic for our liking. 


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  • «any self-respecting android fanatic» I might be wrong but I don't think AndroidPIT is a site for power users like for example "xda developers".

    Of course I speak intended target audience. The actual audience of "xda developers" is an entirely different matter.

  • @Oliver -- AndroidPIT does not tolerate personal insults. You get one warning.

  • @Martin Krischik

    My point was that this news was old. For that reason, any self-respecting android fanatic who uses the Amazon app store should already know what Amazon is doing -- it's spelled out rather succinctly on their page. In my first post, I did NOT give an opinion as to whether or not I personally feel their methods are right or wrong.

    That said, two things you should know:

    1) I personally wish Amazon would handle their app DRM using a solution that does not require yet-another-service running in the background.

    2) Your post was moronic.

  • @Steven Blum: You see me surprised. Amazon hat a kill switch for Kindle to delete “dangerous” George Orwell 1984 copies from the device and they forgot to add that to there Android offer?

  • Amazon also lacks a basic "kill switch" to remotely remove infected applications from customers’ Android phones and requires users to allow installations from "unknown sources," which puts phones at greater risk of malware.

  • Everybody laughed at me when I said that Amazon turned evil.

    @Oliver P: So, by your rationale, if I add to my EULA that I will shoot every body in head who de-installed my app — that would be ok then as well and I should not by tried for murder then?

  • Old news. Amazon themselves described the DRM process when they opened their app store -- including their requirement to remain logged into the Amazon Appstore app on your device.

    Read this (dated 3 March 2011):