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One day short of Honeycomb, Nielsen shows Android tied iOS and Blackberry
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One day short of Honeycomb, Nielsen shows Android tied iOS and Blackberry

We all knew this was happening. Blackberry OS has been dropping out of favor between smartphone users for a while. iOS has been pretty flat for a while too. Meanwhile, Android went from infancy to full maturity in the 18 month period the graph below illustrates, at least in the U.S.. I don't have facts to back this up, but it's probably safe to assume that it's the fastest rise in market share of any OS, ever. 

 This is pretty good news and shows that Android has now found the acceptance it deserves among mobile phone users. What's more, among recent acquirers of smartphones in the U.S. it's clear that Android has been hastily picking up unhappy customers from its competition:

Taking into account that smartphone sales, compared to dumbphones, have increased significantly in the last 6 months, this means a healthy boost in Android users and, hopefully, increased interest from developers in the platform. As you may have read, Google was unhappy about app sales and hired a bunch more staff to analyze and fix the problem, so let's hope things pan out and we get a slew of new applications, especially for the upcoming tablets.

Images: Nielson Company

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