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"Oops They Did it Again!" – Apple Tweaks Images, This Time to Emphasize Similarity to iPhone

As we've just reported, Apple is in the Netherlands, attempting to ban the manufacturing of Galaxy series devices by Samsung Korea and all Dutch partner companies. Webwereld.nl and computerworlduk.com report that Apple has again used tweaked photos to emphasize the Galaxy's visual similarity to the iPhone.

As you can see above, not only is Apple using the "Settings Menu" of the Galaxy to prove its similarity to Apple's homescreen, they've also reduced the length and width of the device so that it appears more visually similar to the iPhone.

According to Samsung, the dimensions of the Galaxy S are 122.4 x 64.2 mm. The iPhone 3G measures 115.5 x 62.1 mm. In the text, Apple confirms that the Galaxy S has "some non-identical elements, such as the slightly larger larger dimensions."

This is a desperate move by Apple, and quite shocking to be honest, after it was revealed they made similar tweaks to the images of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. You'd think the company would have learned by now that when you lie in court, the whole world will find out.


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