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[Video] Is the PadFone an iPad Killer?

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If I were Apple, I would fear the PadFone...and after watching this commercial I think you will agree. It's not the best commercial I've ever seen, but it does a good job showing the range of functions this incredibly versatile tabletphone can perform. I wrote yesterday about the fact that this thing kills two birds with one stone, but I was wrong; it actually kills three birds with one stone. It's a laptop, tablet and phone in one, and you can even take calls on the stylus while you're playing around on the tablet.  If Apple were selling this thing, it would be on the cover of every major newspaper.

At this point, the device's potential competitiveness comes down to pricing. If ASUS can price this thing under $600 on contract (without keyboard), they will effectively corner the market. Folks who are in the market for a new phone but also vaguely interested in a tablet will buy it. Others who are on the hunt for a new phone and a laptop replacement will, too. Still others will buy it just for the novelty value or the fact that they want one data plan for both their tablet and smartphone surfing needs. I'm convinced this device is a game changer but ASUS is going to have to work on their marketing a bit more to convince the rest of the world. This commercial is okay, but it could be much better. What do you think?

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