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[Picture] Vanilla Android 4.0 vs. Sense / Touchwiz / Motoblur
Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich HTC Sense Motoblur 1 min read 3 comments

[Picture] Vanilla Android 4.0 vs. Sense / Touchwiz / Motoblur

Just how useless are manufacturer's UI tweaks to stock Android? According to Reddit user Godwheel, they're about as useless as sprinkles on an Ice Cream Sandwich. No matter your opinion of sprinkles, I think you can appreciate the sentiment behind this graphic:

However, in my opinion, not all UIs are created equally. While Sense has its fans and Touchwiz is generally not so invasive, MotoBlur is a flaming, intrusive pile of garbage, every time I use it. 

I'm actually quite excited to see what Touchwiz and Sense bring to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but also a bit wary as well. If I don't like what I see, though, I'm comforted by the fact that I can root the phone and install Cyanogen Mod to get it lookin' good.

What are your favorite – and least favorite – Android UIs? Does the sprinkles analogy work for you or do they just make the ice cream sandwich on the right look even tastier?

Source: Reddit


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  • I've liked Sony Ericsson's UI since about day one. It's not intrusive on Android, and e.g. TimeScape can be as simple and powerful as you like. For instance, when you've left TS to comment on e.g. a Facebook post or a text message you return to the same spot in TS, which IMHO is a great advantage when TS can cover hours of activity.
    HTC's Sense for FB always reset you to the latest update, thus making inertia scrolling a fantastic feature.
    Interestingly, my Arc runs rings around my DHD.

  • Touchwiz is okay. Blur can be trimmed to work fine. I prefer Vanilla Android personally.

  • hmmm... well is the new motoblur realy so bad? i mean the old version the newer on the razr and atrix 2.3.4 seem to be quit okay.
    well on the other hand there seems to be nothing special at motoblur i think no cool functions like... err... dont know what makes sense und touchwiz speciel either ^^ there is nothing an app could not do...