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QuickOffice for Honeycomb brings productivity to tablets
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QuickOffice for Honeycomb brings productivity to tablets

Amongst the myriad of 'designed for tablet' apps that Google promised when they officially released Honeycomb, QuickOffice brings your tablet up to speed with productivity tasks. Two weeks ago the software was first demo-ed and it looks really promising. QuickOffice can already do quite a few things on Android phones, but the small screen real estate is not conducive to proper work. With the tablet redesign, QuickOffice is taking things to a new level, bringing Android tablets up to speed with Word, Excel and PowerPoint creation, editing and viewing. Read past the break for an overview of its features and a video demo.


 As you can see in the screenshot above, QuickOffice for tablets has a multi-pane view with a fileviewer built into it, so you don't have to organize your documents neatly and still be able to bring them up quickly. If you've ever used QuickOffice on your phone, you may know that it handles the latest Office 2007/10 .xlsx, .docx and .pptx formats without a hitch. There is also function support in Excel for 140 of the most common formulas so you can get the averages, medians or simple 'if' functions. Not everything you may need is included, but it's a good start (I haven't tried nested 'if' funtions or ANOVA calculations, but I have a feeling it might be too much to ask for just yet).

You also get a preview pane in the Outlook equivalent so you can see all slides on the left side and scroll through and there's drag and drop support for moving around slides to re-organize your presentation. There's also Dropbox and Google Docs integration so you can sync new documents into the cloud or access documents you started on a computer to finish them on the go. 

One thing that is much improved thanks to Honeycomb is the overall functionality. As you've seen, Honeycomb uses the top right corner for contextual menus that change depending on the menu you're in, the application, or even the type of text/excel box you select. This should make editing a lenghty document on the go much more enjoyable and honestly, it's probably a more thought through way of interacting with text and data than on the pretty crowded Office suite for computers. For some, tablet applications won't ever fully replace a proper computer, but I think that QuickOffice is giving most of people plenty of productivity for basic tasks so they can connect their tablet to a bluetooth keyboard and just get some work done. 

Expect the app in the market 'this spring' and take a look at the video below for more info:

Image: LaptopMag

Video: LaptopMag

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