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Quickoffice HD for Honeycomb tablets about to drop, sign up for 30% off

Authored by: Alex T. — Mar 20, 2011

 Productivity apps on Android phones have always been a mixed experience, primarily with the screen size limitations. It's nice being able to open and quickly edit a document, but I wouldn't go about creating a spreadsheet on my phone unless I really had to. With tablets launching and given their bigger screens, that's about to change. QuickOffice came preinstalled on my Droid X and it's 'saved my life' quite a few times when I needed to get to a document quickly and now they're about to launch a redesigned version for Honeycomb tablets that takes advantage of the bigger screen and the context aware menu bar. I've written about QuickOffice for Honeycomb before, but now you can get 30% off their introductory price if you sign up for notifications. Head past the break for the link and a re-post of the demo they showed off at the Honeycomb launch.


You can sign up here and check out the video below for a preview of what's about to come.




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