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[Rumor] Google Debuting "Mind-Blowing" Social News Reader Called Propeller

Word on the street is that Google is hard at work on a social news reader that'll pull articles and other content from your friends' social profiles and create a personalized magazine for you based on that content. Indeed, it looks like AOL, Yahoo, Time Warner and Facebook are all working on similar competing projects, although the Google version is said to be "mind-blowing" according to an insider quoted by All Things D

Currently, Flipboard is probably the most elegant of all the social news apps, as it uses white space and your friends' pictures beautifully to create a personlized magazine. Google tried to buy the company but Flipboard, which is backed by some of tech's biggest venture players, declined the offer. Google has now decided to make a version of their own.

I wish we had more information at this moment but we don't. We don't know how the new app will integrate Facebook, but sources say it will be available in both Android Market and Apple's App Store.

We'll let you know more when we do!

Source: All Things D


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  • Zhu Lee Sep 17, 2011 Link to comment

    they gotta do something because google plus is going down like a rock.

  • Di Tao Sep 16, 2011 Link to comment

    this thing looks like it blows... sorry propeller joke..... I had to.

  • These new social media newspapers are the future of journalism: a mix of real news stories plus friends' stories. Brilliance. I hope Google strikes gold.

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