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Samsung Releases Galaxy Tab Source Code

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Nov 16, 2010

Samsung released their open source code for the Galaxy Tab recently and made it available for download. PC World observes that with the release of the source code, "business users can now tailor the Galaxy Tab's software to suit their own, specific needs, making the device a far more flexible option for enterprise use."

Android Central notes that the resources won't mean much to the average user, "but third party developers can and will have a field day with this, so look for assorted enhancements, kernels, and hacks soon."

Phandroid comments that "considering the Galaxy Tab has already been rooted, we can’t imagine the community will be sleeping on their chance to download" the available files.

AndroidGuys thinks "the Galaxy Tab presents new and unique challenges to hackers and modders in that it is the first largely available Android tablet from a major manufacturer."

Other Sources: Android Central, AndroidGuys, PC World, Phandroid

Image from Phandroid

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