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Samsung Replenish is Sprint's first 'green' Android phone

Authored by: Alex T. — Apr 18, 2011

I've seen 'green' phone concepts before with bodies made out of wood or plastic that degrades quickly when composted or recycled, but now Android has joined the league of 'green' phones. The Replenish is a QWERTY candybar phone running Froyo and the specs put it somewhere in the large mid-range. Read past the break for specs.


 Samsung made the Replenish partially out of recycled plastics and with a fully recycleable packaging and packed a 2.8 inch QVGA touchscreen display, full QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, 2MP camera, 600MHz processor, and a 2GB MicroSD card pre-installed. The design is relatively classy, though most QWERTY candybar phones go for a design where the display sits in landscape mode to make the keyboard more useable instead of the portrait orientation that makes the phone longer, but less wide. 

The Replenish will start shipping May 8th in black, blue or pink (the latter reportedly shipping in June) and will run you $50 on a 2-year contract, if you're so inclined.


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