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Samsung reconsidering Galaxy Tab 10.1 pricing, still on track for launch
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Samsung reconsidering Galaxy Tab 10.1 pricing, still on track for launch

After the iPad 2 took the Honeycomb tablet world by surprize and it became apparent that their strategy to price over the original iPad's price because of their fleet's specs wasn't going anywhere, at least Samsung put on their thinking cap and figured it out. Their executive vice president of mobile confirmed that they're still on for the yet to be announced launch date, but they're reconsidering "inadequate" aspects of their tablet. Read on for more info.


According to that same VP, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was supposed to be priced above the current 7" Galaxy tab, so over $600, but they're rethinking that move. My hopes are that they'll cut into their profit margins to sell as many tablets so they can learn from users on how to make the second generation better in both hardware and software, say, by adding a layer of functions that Honeycomb may not yet provide.

Samsung has sold about 2 million 7" Galaxy Tabs, which is a lot in the competitive Android market, even when stacked up against Apple's 15 million first-gen iPads. This put them in a good position to build their 10" model, but with it's 11.9 mm thin frame it's thinner and lighter than the first-gen iPad, but chubby in comparison with the new iPad 2. Also, their exclusion of a micro SD slot puts them on par with Apple's choice to do so. Again, as with the Xoom and its other brethren, the screen is higher resolution and Honeycomb does multitasking like butter, especially at 1 GB of RAM, but initial reports of user experience with Honeycomb put the first build in an incomplete state. Only by pricing right can Samsung & Co. cater to the same market as the now $400 (or $350 for the refurb) iPad and iPad 2 at $500. 

I hope they take Apple head on, price this thing right, throw in a micro SD slot, maybe flatten the back a little and market the hell out of it. 

Image: TUAW.com

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