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Samsung redesigns Galaxy Tab 10.1, competes with iPad 2 in price and size

 When the iPad 2 launched, Honeycomb tablet manufacturers knew they were in trouble. Samsung recognized early on that it had to rethink pricing, but also the size and weight of it's upcoming 10 incher to compete not with the original iPad, but with the new one. At CTIA 2011 they showed off the already slim and light 8.9 inch tablet that's been circling around, but also a completely redesigned 10.1 Tab with TouchWiz UI over Honeycomb. Read past the break for more info. 

In the picture above you already see some of the TouchWiz interface they put on. In general, the fonts are larger and less sharp and clean looking, but widgets are now resizeable, both Samsung's own ones and the ones already on stock Honeycomb. More interestingly, the 10.1 Tab is now as thin as the 8.9 Tab at .33 inches (8.4 mm) versus the iPad's .34 (8.8 mm). The 10.1 weighs 1.31 pounds (595g) and the 8.9 is only 1.03 pounds (465g). They're both running dual-core processors (Tegra 2 probably, but not confirmed), have 3 MP cameras on the back and 2 MP on the front (take that VGA camera on the iPad!) and the batteries read at 6860 mAH and 6000 mAH, respectively, so they should provide competitive battery life. They also pack SIM slots and micro SD slots, as well as standard headphone jacks and proprietary dock ports. 

Samsung also came clean with release dates and pricing: "the WiFi 10.1 will hit on June 8th -- the 16GB version will cost you $499 and the 32GB $599. The 8.9 is $469 and $569 for 16GB and 32GB, respectively." (Engadget) Below there's another picture of the tablets, on top the 8.9, in the middle the iPad 2 and on the bottom the slender looking 10.1. 

Considering the competitive price, sleek design and nice specs, are you guys more likely to get a tablet now or are tablet still just novelty devices for now ?

Images: Engadget


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  • but android already announced 2.6 is only for asus e-pc. thats why i said

  • honeycomb i think its 2.4 o 2.5 something.

    i agree to you

  • Google doesn't make custom versions of Android for manufacturers, actually. They may give one of their partners first access, but all tablets about to be released (except HTC Flyer) will be running Honeycomb, so far the only tablet OS from Android out there.

  • if samsung wanna compete more to apple rhey have to give newer android version on their tabs to make them more interesting. as android 2.6 is only made for asus, samsung should also make demand for newer versions only for their tabs. because ipad's os makes the main difference between the other tabs and i-pad.