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Screw Sex, Alcohol and Exercise: A Smartphone Is All I Need
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Screw Sex, Alcohol and Exercise: A Smartphone Is All I Need

So we've heard the story time and time again. People are becoming so addicted to the internet, social media and smartphones. Brains are melting, attention spans are falling and even our sexual drives are decreasing. It's a sad, sad world we're living in based on the opinions of different experts, psychologits, university professors and politicians. Can we still enjoy life without our smartphones?

According to this latest study that has been making the rounds of major publications across the world, smartphone users in America are more willing to give up alcohol, sex, exercise and caffeine rather than go a week without their precious smartphone. Before all of you start crying out "OMG!" in unison, let me just say that the study had a terribly small sample of 500+ participants and it's not representative of the general population statistically speaking (as you know, I am a stats perfectionist). 

We can, however, have fun speculating about just how influential smartphones have become in our daily lives. Based on the colorful and well-designed graphic at the bottom, Americans are seriously ill and need to go to smartphone rehab. Here are just a few glaring examples: 

  • 66% of smartphones users sleep next to their smartphone (myself included)
  • 31% of users check their phones in the movies (something I've never done and never will do

And last but not least, it appears as if us Android users are a bunch cheapskates: according to the study 62% of Android users have never paid more than $1 for an app.  

In response to this accusation let me just say: we're not cheap, we're just frugal!

Source: AllThingsSD

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