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Share Your Cell Phone Etiquette Horror Stories Here!
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Share Your Cell Phone Etiquette Horror Stories Here!

So, New Yorkers can now yap away on their cell phones, even when waiting for the Metro underground! Woah! Welcome to Japan circa 1990, New York! But —surprise! – not all New Yorkers are happy about the fact that their fellow passengers can now yackity-yack it up even while waiting for a train that flies through bedrock. Some New Yorkers even like the fact that they're cut off from the constant barrage of communication for thirty minutes, or however long their commute is. A full 37% of am New York readers said they think the cell phone service on subways thing will "just be annoying."

Here at AndroidPIT, we understand that being in constant communication with the rest of the world isn't always the best thing in the world (unless you're trapped on a desert island, in which case it literally is the best thing in the world). In the spirit of complaining, we'd like to open up this thread to the worst cell phone etiquette horror stories ever. I'll start:

One time, while riding the bus in Seattle, I sat next to an obese teenager who was yelling into her cell phone about something (I don't know what, wasn't paying too much attention). Anyway, she ended up putting on her speaker phone and I realized that she was actually yelling at her grandma!

Can you match or beat this horror story? Were you ever a big cell phone jerkwad to the rest of the bus (or train)? Share your cell phone etiquette horror stories here!


New Yawkers Can Now Tawk on their Cell Phones in Select Subway Stations


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  • @Adrienne I hear you there. I got it worse. Double-A here. My best one was when someone sent me the same MMS 58 times in 10 minutes internationally which ment her phonebill at the end of the month was well over $120 just from that one mistake!

  • This one everyone does: Forgt to lock their phone! For most people this isn't a problem but my name starts with an A so when people sit of their phone and accidently dial someone its always me they're calling! Please people just remember to lock it when you put your phone away. I'm sick of getting woken up at 2 am just to talk to someones pocket!

  • Ramma Sep 27, 2011 Link to comment

    "No, it's alright were still waiting for the move to start" If I hear those words again in a theater I sware someone is going home in a body bag :D

  • Did you know that Avril Lavigne recorded her song Boyfriend in English, German, French, Spanich, and Chinese? I didn't either until I was on a very long train ride from Moscow to St. Petersberg. There was a group of girls in my cabin who were blasting that sound from some bottem of the barrel smartphone. Now I hate that song in English and when it started to repeat in a couple other langauges I have to admit I was impressed that Avril made the effort. Apparently the girls were too because they let that same song in all its various langauges repeat for 3 hours in a row.... I'm still convinced they were secertly testing some new kind of psychological warfare.

  • I don't know why people insist on playing crapy music though tinny speakers when we're all waiting for the bus. That what headphones are for people!

  • Foo S. Sep 27, 2011 Link to comment

    Not so much a horror story but I hate when dates pull their cellphone out and leave it on the table. Its like a 3rd person in the conversation who doesn't say much but is just there....