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Sharp's Galapagos Android Tablets Announced

According to Electronista, Sharp is working on a pair of new Android-powered tablets that will be focused on delivering a rich e-reader experience, and will come in a 5.5" variant, or a 10.8" variant. The tablets, called Galapagos, will maintain the regular Android abilities and will be mainly Wi-Fi based devices, with plans for a Verizon 3G device in the future as well.

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According to the AndroidGuys article, the 5.5" model will have a 1024 x 600 resolution display while the 10.8" model will have a 1366 x 800 resolution display, and both will be LCD-based.

TalkAndroid mentions that the devices will be launched "in coordination with a Japanese e-bookstore that will feature some 30,000 titles initially." The bookstore is expected to launch in December.

Electronista notes that the Galapagos tablets will have a "a Kindle-style automatic subscription download service that pushes new issues in the background."

As for futher hardware details, pricing, and availability/release dates, we are in the dark.

Check out the video (in Japanese) below for a quick look at the devices:

TalkAndroid comments that Sharp has made projections "to sell roughly 1 million units" in the device's life-span.

Other Sources: AndroidGuys, TalkAndroid

Images from Electronista

Source: Electronista

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