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Some Developers Making More Cash With Android Than With iOS
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Some Developers Making More Cash With Android Than With iOS

Despite the fact that more and more developers on jumping onto the Android bandwagon, it's been common knowledge that developing iPhone apps is more profitable than Android apps. Now it looks as if that piece of wiesdom is no longer valid. According to Spacetime Studios, their Pocket Legends app is making more money than the iPhone version. In an unexpected turn of events, Android seems to be becoming a place where developers can make big bucks. 

Pocket Legends - one of the all-time most popular smartphone games - is making from 30% to 50% more profit off of Android users. Based on figures released by the developers, the Android users account for a majority of downloads, in-app purchases and ad-clicks. The 3D MMO game with a lot of dedicated fans is going to start concentrating more on Android in the future. How is it possible for the app to sell more copies in its Android version if there are less Android users worldwide? Perhaps part of the answer may be the fact that Android boasts a tight-nit community with dedicated users. Or maybe Android just has an unfair share of hardcore gamers :) Either way this story seems to against the long-held logic that developing apps for the App Store is a better way to make some serious money. 

Does this mean that Android developers have a bright future in front of them? Or was this just a one-time fluke?

Share your thoughts and comments below. 

Source: Computer World

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