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Sprint Coming Out With New Dual-Screen Android Device
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Sprint Coming Out With New Dual-Screen Android Device

Sprint announced on its website that they will coming out with "the first dual-screen touchscreen smartphone" with a starting price of $199.99 with a two year data plan (and a mail-in rebate as always). The Kyocera Echo is going to run Android 2.2 with two screen for multi-tasking. Ideally, you are supposed to be able to run two apps simultaneously i.e browse your gallery while checking your email.

Despite the interesting concept behind the device, the Echo comes across as being a bit bulky and awkward to handle. I mean sure it's cool to be able to swtich between one and two screens by piveting the phone around like a Rubik's Cube, but is it more than just an expensive toy? Verizon and AT&T already provide high-end Android devices at around the same price so I'm not sure if Sprint is really going to make waves with their two-screen device. On the plus side, it seems like the Echo will be one of the first Android devices to come with Netflix pre-installed - a potentially appealing feature for many users.


  • Multiple screens
  • Netflix
  • Multitasking


  • Presumably poor battery life
  • Runs on 3G networks only
  • Bulky screen
  • Runnning multiple apps is not available for independent developers

I'll try to get my hands on one of these devices next month, but until them I'm going to remain pretty spectical about the whole thing.

Image Source: SlashPhone

Source: Techland TIME

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