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Sprint Raises Their Early Termination Fee – See Which Carrier Still Has the Lowest
Sprint 1 min read 3 comments

Sprint Raises Their Early Termination Fee – See Which Carrier Still Has the Lowest


When it comes to early termination fees (ETFs), Sprint's used to be quite reasonable. If you wanted to break your contract more than 5 months before it was officially over, you'd incur a $200 charge – about the cost of buying a fancy new smartphone on contract.

But not anymore.

Following in the footsteps of Verizon (whose early termination fee is $350) and AT&T ($325), Sprint has raised its early termination fee to $325, according to a screenshot leaked to Sprintfeed.com. That's a lot more than what it used to be, but fairly standard in this marketplace. The new fee won't come into affect until September 9th, so if you'd like a contract with a more comfortable emergency exit slide, you'd best sign up now. 

With this change in effect, the carrier with the easiest-to-swallow early termination fee is T-Mobile, which can be as low as $50 one month before the end of contract and is, at most, $200.

Competitive ETFs are just one more reason why we need more carriers in the marketplace and why the AT&T-T-Mobile merger is a bad idea

Source: Sprint Feed


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  • that's why I am sticking to prepaid plans - have no patience to deal with this kind of crap.

  • this exactly the type of stuff that makes me so angry at the cell phone providers in America. It's pure robbery asking people to fork out that kind of money over. And most of the time they don't care how long you've had the contract for: they'll make you bleed and cry.

    I had to move abroad for a while and cancel my contract and I had to go through hell to get it done and paid a ton of money too.

  • Boo. Here I was, thinking the Now Network was the best option (what with their unlimited data plan) and then they had to go and pull something like this. :(