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Steer Clear Of Traffic With Google Maps Navigation

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — Mar 7, 2011

Traffic jams and bottlenecks no more! Google Maps Navigation is adding a new feature that will automatically redirect to avoid getting stuck in traffic. According to the Google Mobile Blog, the app is going to use real-time user-generated data to give drivers accurate results. Hopefully, Google Navigation will be able to releave at least some of the main sources for road rage. 

Having just spent 2 hours stuck in early morning traffic in the NYC area, I know just how frustrating traffic can get. Despite having planned out my route in advance, I still ended up getting trapped in a spontaneous bottleneck. Now with the new Google Maps Navigation feature, my phone should be able to automatically recalculate my route to get me around areas of heavy traffic. It remains to be seen how effective the service will actually be, but I hope that the user-generated content will notify about traffic jams BEFORE I encounter one. 

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Source: TechnCrunch

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