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"Stream Sounds Too Much Like Urine": The Web Reacts to Google +

"Stream Sounds Too Much Like Urine": The Web Reacts to Google +


(Comic from xdcd)

Today Googley Bear released their postively-charged social networking site to (much of) the hyperventilating masses. The company has said that they hope their new product more effortlessly replicates the kinds of social interactions we have "in real life" (wherever that is, these days). Is it working so far? We trolled around the internet, and our forum, for first impressions.

Android Addict, on AndroidPIT's Google + thread, writes: "I know that Google + couldn't have copied the words 'news feed,' but a stream sounds too much like urinating. What do you think?" We think he's right, and we wonder what's blocking the stream on our own page (perhaps we should call a urologist, as Addict suggests).

And how are people reacting to the "circles" feature, which allows users to group their contacts by relationship, hair color, or resemblence to Roseanne Bar (I guess that'd probably be just one "vicious circle"). "Call me a hippy, but It feels weird not dragging everyone to the ' Friends' circle," I Tweeted when I was first granted access to the program  Many would probably think of me as an exhibitionist, wanting all my private data available to my entire contact list. The Guardian's Charles Arthur, on the other hand, sees Circles as "a clever way to categorise people, and stop what I do or say from bumping into each other." Good point!

As to why the company initially released their platform as "invite-only" and why some people are still lacking access, one AndroidPIT user named Christopher Bailey shared his own insights: "Google is a little gun shy atm, keep in mind they have a long list of failures under their belt..I strongly believe that Google is trying everything it can to make sure the user experience is good. This includes keeping many people out so they can work on bugs as problems arise."

Or maybe they're just promoting technocratic elitism? What do you think?

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  • G+ is a nice step in the right direction. It'll be interesting to see if people move off Facebook, but I don't see why Facebook and Myspace can't just co-exist like twitter and Facebook does. Everyone is expecting G+ to be a Facebook killer, but I don't think Google is looking to replace FB but rather give a good alternative that everyone has be clamoring for. Every time Facebook makes some weird change in their policy every screams and gets pissed, but they put up with it since there is no real alternative. Google is allow us the option to switch

    also if someone wants to add me to their circle (to allow me access) that would be great. I've already gotten invites but I hear you can just add people to your circle and that will add people as well.

  • Maybe they shut down the external notifications. Yesterday it worked.

  • chris Jul 2, 2011 Link to comment

    weird I'm not getting an email, thanks though for your trying :)

    kind regards,


  • Ok, tried again.

  • chris Jul 2, 2011 Link to comment

    didn't recieve an email mate :O ould you please give it one more try?

  • Just sent it. I suggest you delete your address here. Good luck :)

  • chris Jul 2, 2011 Link to comment

    mate , hope it works :) thanks in advance

  • @chris:
    Invites not working anymore? Post your mail address, I will send you one.

    G+ is awesome, it's not just Twitter and Facebook in one package, you can post content on a much larger scope, since you can reach audience not on G+.

    What is lacking so far:

    1. The people filling the network. That will be a hard nut to crack, make a considerable amount of social networkers switch, or at least expand their attention to G+
    2. The API. People love to make their applications, like Foursquare, Endomondo etc automatically post on the network what they are currently doing. This is of course just a matter of time, Google is working on this.

  • chris Jul 2, 2011 Link to comment

    I think that we are searching for things to pick on. The Google + is awesome and sure it has similarities with Facebook, but that's also like saying every freaking car is the same.

    Things evolve, Google is making social networking even better, and I for one am very excited when invites open again.

    If they would open it up for everyone, and a lot of bugfixes were needed than people would really grow tired of it in days. Even though it sucks I can't get in, I respect that they are trying to make the experience as bugfree as possible...

    Google wants People to say, 'wow this really blows Facebook away", and at this moment it's just.not.there yet

    The cartoon cracked me up.... very funny :)

  • Andreas V.
    • Mod
    Jul 1, 2011 Link to comment

    I agree with Ulf. Just look at the stream id you have 1000+ people who you are "following". The messages will stream over your screen :-P

    I think the circles are a great improvement. I can post my messages to people that could be interested in it. And G+ do memories what circle you last used...

  • C'mon, "Stream" doesn't sound that bad in my ears. A word commonly used on the net, for "streaming video" for example. Anyone thinking about a yellow tinted video hearing that?

    The cirlces are the crucial feature, that differentiates Google+ from both Twitter and Facebook. It's more open than Facebook, since you can follow just anyone's public posts by putting them in any of your circles, and gives more flexibility than Twitter, since you can post to a closed audience. And you can even post to people not having a Google+ account, they will recieve an email notification, with the possibility to unsubscribe from further notifcations.

    The critical question is: Will people accept the extra hassle about choosing circles to post to each time the write a post? I love it, it makes me rethink the way I publish content to the web. But will it cut a big piece out of the social cake? Time will tell.

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