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Subscribers Groan Over Verizon’s New $2 "Convenience" Fees
Verizon 1 min read 4 comments

Subscribers Groan Over Verizon’s New $2 "Convenience" Fees

Verizon offers one of the more expensive phone and data plans around and those costs are about to increase ever so slightly. Yesterday it was revealed that Verizon is about to begin charging $2 for each single bill they pay on the phone and online. "The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels,” Verizon wrote in a statement online.

The change is set to go into effect on January 15th and already subscribers are quite angry. To me it seems a bit ridiuclous to introduce a billing fee for a method that is completely free with other U.S. carriers. erizon already charges over $90 per month for a plan that includes 2GB of data and 900 Anytime minutes, which is quite a lot. What do you think of this change?

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  • Unfortunately, I don't think you should have your wallet raped in order to have quality Customer Service (the #1 reason I left AT&T for Verizon Wireless), as well as Quality Smart Phone Service in general (more & more people in Las Vegas are leaving the big 4 carriers for BOOST or CRICKET with their $50 unlimited & I may do the same once they offer affordable service to Canada as they have decent 4G Android Smart Phones available) ...

    Someone please start a petition against these extra fees by Verizon (it worked against Bank of America last year with their "lets charge an extra fee to use a debit card" crap) ...

  • personally I think their is plenty of cheaper options then Verizon, but as a Verizon customer for many years now I want the option of having the best service, customer service, etc. yes its more expensive then most but like a lot of things u get what u pay for & if u want the best unfortunately you must pay

  • My wife have verizon and if they do that they are going to lose a value customer. It makes me sick that they keep busting up these charges on people. Ha we never got over the recession.

  • some kre games would be helpful.. also a giod app for youtub in free?? package deals to!!