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[Survey] Is Piracy the Biggest Threat to Android Developers?

Android developers don't make as much from paid apps than iOS developers, and the reason seems to have something to do with software piracy

The numbers are insane. A third of respondents to the survey by the Yankee Group and Skyhook Wireless said they'd lost more than $10,000 annually due to piracy. Some 27% of Android developers see piracy as a "huge problem," while "26%" believe it's somewhat of a problem. 53% think that Google isn't doing as much as it could to mitigate the damage caused by unauthorized copying

None of which is really new to my ears, sadly. As Android Market has few safeguards to prevent unauthorized use, it's still pretty much a "wild wild west" for app developers. The survey came up with a number of ideas on how to combat piracy, including "establishing a market certification program to allow customers to tell good Android markets from bad ones, providing a way to verify that an app has been paid for online, and building a system that provides automatic code obfuscation and tamper checking for Android apps." We gotta say, these sound like good ideas, but there must be other ones out there.

What would you change about the way Google Market authenticates their apps?


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  • But seriously could we vote for a "Talk like a pirate" buttton on AndroidPit? They have it on Google translate

  • @Miranda there is no such thing as free lunch and no such thing as a truly free app

  • Would it be AndroidPLANK then?

  • Hey wait.... is there a way to translate AndoridPIT into pirate like with Googlemail?

  • Im sorry but I paid enough for my phone. I don't see why Id have to pay for the apps as well. The Phone companies are already making enough money off of me!

  • This survey only included 75 developers. That's not a large enough pool to derive any meaning from. Plus, Android developers can make less than Apple developers for any number of reasons, including the buying habits of their users and the effectiveness of their in-app advertising. Piracy isn't the only thing that's losing them money.

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