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T-Mobile G2 ROM Leaked, Reveals New Details

AndroidGuys stumbled upon quite a find yesterday when they found a leaked version of the T-Mobile G2 ROM on 911HTC. After some digging into the ROM, new details have come to light about the device, including a new processor from Qualcomm, which is different from the Snapdragon family. Additoinally, there is good reason to believe that the device will come with Android 2.2 and without HTC Sense.

As for the authenticity of the leak, Phandroid points out that the new device's model number (according to the leaked ROM) is HTC PC1010000. They feel that this new number has "a few more zeros than the FCC filing from yesterday, but at this point I think we can say for sure that the device in questions is definitely the G2."

AndroidGuys writes about the discovery of the G2's lack of HTC Sense:

Zapote21 has hacked his way in, posted a wallpaper from the build and, best of all, confirmed that it is a stock, plain vanilla Android build: no Sense UI!

Cyanogen took a look through the ROM as well, and figured out that the G2 features "a brand new Qualcomm platform.. ro.board.platform=msm7x30", but as for exactly what clock frequency we can expect, between 800MHz and 1GHz are the numbers being thrown around.

Engadget adds that the MSM7x30 chipset should bring with it "silky-smooth 720p multimedia playback" and "the remote possibility of dual-mode HSPA+ / LTE support if the "x" in "MSM7x30" turns out to be a "6."'

Android Central notes that based on the way things are shaping up, "the G2 will be the hackers dream that it's little brother the G1 was, and everyone involved should love that!"

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Image from AndroidandMe

Source: 911HTC

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