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Talk About Creative Packaging : Unboxing the LG Optimus Black
LG Optimus Black LG 1 min read 4 comments

Talk About Creative Packaging : Unboxing the LG Optimus Black

PC World has a cool video of the unboxing of the LG Optimus Black, which unfolds like a book whose final conclusion is a brand new phone. Each page lists the different features of the phone, with funny quotes, stencil drawings and manual information, with the last page revealing the phone itself.

Unfortunately, it seems the cool packaging is for phone testers only, which is probably good for the environment and all.

For those who aren't quite in the loop yet, the LG Optimus Black is the slimmest Android phone outside of Japan (even if LG falsely claims it's the slimmest in the world). CNET called the phone "a perfect balance between style and substance." It's also got a 4-inch NOVA display and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera in addition to a 5mp camera 'round back.

Source: PC World


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  • Matrjoschka doll. Babushka is “Grandmother”.

  • The reporter likened it to a giant babushka doll...lots of wasteful layers. But I still think the storybook idea is neat.

  • @Alex T.: Spot on. The super small Apple packagings impress me more.

    The company got me an iPod Touch (I am a mobile developer, remember) and was impresses how tiny the packaging is.

  • I can't deny the packaging is cool, but in an age where device manufacturers strive to be 'green' and reduce waste, it's pretty much overkill. I generally keep boxes for electronics to increase resale value, but that would be a pain to fit in a drawer.