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[Test] Galaxy S2 Still Has the Fastest Graphics Chip of Any Smartphone on the Market

According to a performance test by the tech site Anandtech, Samsung Galaxy S2 still has by far the fastest graphics chip on the block. In fact, the only processor that's faster is in Apple's iPad – and that is, of course, a tablet.

 The Galaxy S2 achieved speeds of 112 Km/h and can attack pray using its mouth...oh no wait, that's a cheetah. But the Galaxy S2 is positively cheetah-like when it comes to response time. It uses a silicone-baed high performance chip called the Mali-400, which was designed by ARM. Anandtech described its performance as "breathtaking."

The only chip that comes anywhere close is inside the Samsung Infuse 4G (notice the Samsung trend?) and it still doesn't come anywhere close.


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Source: Anandtech


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  • What does the number mean? How many whats per what is that?

  • Eah I dont think that would work but its worth a shot. Then maybe apple will leave them alone of a week or two.

  • Sam-Droid Sep 12, 2011 Link to comment

    Anyway we could get that chip in an Andy device? There all made by Foxconn so it should be possible right?

  • Well this is a well-timed study, especially given the fact that the S2 is about to go head-to-head with a whole slew of new phones.

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