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Let’s be honest: Amazon’s latest line up of Kindle devices is epic in its sheer awesomeness. The Amazon press conference/release gala event left everyone hungry and drooling for the new set of tablet-like eBooks. As the world broke out in excitement over the latest set of Kindles and started frantically ordering them online, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO failed to answer one big question: is there going to be a Kindle Fire 3G?

Getting an Amazon tablet for just $200 is a good deal, but why isn’t there a 3G version of the same thing? As an avid and dedicated Kindle user, I’ve gotten used to the fact that I can download books, magazines and newspapers directly to my - suddenly outdated - Kindle 3G via Amazon’s Whispernet network for absolutely free. I’ve even used my Kindle 3G to check my email while travelling through Europe for absolutely nothing.

So why hasn’t Amazon said anything about a Kindle Fire with 3G capabilities? People will surely be willing to fork over between $50-70 extra just to have 24 hour internet access across the world.


Source: Extreme Tech


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  • Zhu Lee Oct 2, 2011 Link to comment

    Exactly my point. They should have a released a 3G version for 250 or so.

  • I this that Awesome is a bit dramatized. Sure, dualcore for 200 bucks. Nice. But no 3G / LTE .. Failure.

    I want to be able to use this thing on the go, That means anywhere.

    Add 3G and we're back in Awesome----

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