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Twitter Lashes Out at Third-Party Developers
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Twitter Lashes Out at Third-Party Developers

It looks like Twitter is no longer going to to tolerate third-party apps that let users access and use their Twitter accounts. Just a couple of days ago, Ryan Sarver - one of Twitter's leading tech guys - wrote on a discussion board that Twitter is going to force existing Twitter clients to "rigurously adhere to all areas of our Terms of Service". In an attempt to provide users with the best possible experience, Twitter going on the offensive against such popular Twitter clients as TweetDeck, Plume, TWIDROYD and many others. 

This is terrible news for both developers and users that enjoyed using third-party Twitter clients on their Android phones. In my opinion, this move is directed as stifling innovation and creativity among developers by forcing users to use only the official Twitter app. I've always been a strong proponent of the user being able to have a lot of choices to chose from. Just like with Facebook, as soon as a company grows too large they have a tendency to get bitchy and proprietary about their content. Personally, I've been using TweetDeck for a while because it allows me to synch my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I don't agree with Twitter limiting my app options.

Do you use third-party Twitter clients? Are you angered and frustrated by this news or do you agree with Twitter's decision? 

Make your voice heard in the comments section! 

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Source: BBC News


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  • am I detecting a tad of sarcasm here? :)

  • 2011: The year we adhere to a the Terms of Service?

  • That's how I see things as well. TweetDeck has been a personal fav for a while. I feel like it's really petty and uncool for Twitter to start policing third-party apps that have actually helped them gain new users in the first place. It's simply ridiculous.

  • i used tweetdeck and its waaaay better than the real twitter app. i like a twitter app to look cool and allow customizations, which the original twitter app doesnt allow. so they need to either up their game or chill out