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[UPDATE] Android 2.3.3 Releases For The Nexus One And Nexus S

[UPDATE] Android 2.3.3 Releases For The Nexus One And Nexus S

Android Gingerbread's newest version was announced yesterday on the GoogleNexus Twitter page to be releasing onto the Nexus One and Nexus S over the coming weeks. Some of the new additions in Android 2.3.3 include Google's supposed fix for the random reboot bug, as well as improved NFC and WebM video format support. 

The NFC features that come with the update are the ones I've talked about recently here, and you can read about the random reboot bug here

Another "feature" of the Android 2.3.3 update which will only affect Nexus S users will be that syncing Facebook contacts onto your Android phone will not be allowed. Google's reasoning behind this change in policy is because Facebook contacts cannot be exported from the device, as the contacts are kept in cloud, and not integrated with the Android Contacts API.

The Facebook contacts which were previously displayed in your Android Contacts list will no longer be displayed with this latest update. If a user wants to access their Facebook contacts, they will have to go into the Facebook app itself. Once again, this change in policy only affects the Nexus S, and not other phones such as the Nexus One, or any other phone which will run an Android 2.3.3 ROM.

While the Nexus S has been rocking Android Gingerbread since it's launch, Nexus One owners have been feeling neglected by Google ever since the launch of the Nexus S back in December, as they were led to believe that the Nexus One would receive the newest Android updates as soon as Google released them.

The FroYo updates were done in that way, but Google took a different direction with the Gingerbread release, leaving Nexus One owners ignored and mislead. The release of Android Gingerbread version with the random reboot bug fix onto the Nexus One seems to be a shaky confirmation that the problem stemmed from the code inside Gingerbread.

It seems possible that Google didn't want to bother giving the Nexus One users the same problems that the Nexus S was having, so they delayed the launch until a fix was found and perfected, to make sure that this release will be a better quality than what we've had before.

Some people in the US have already received the update, and there is no word yet that the update file is posted anywhere for people to initiate the update themselves, so for now, you'll just have to keep waiting until that update notification hits your phone.

In the meantime, I'll be regularly checking my phone for the update availability every hour or so until my phone has the newest version of Android on it.


Head over here for links for the Nexus One and here for links for the Nexus S to download and install the update manually.

Image from Engadget

Source: Engadget

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