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[UPDATE] Android Honeycomb Statue Arrives At Googleplex, Joins Brethren

Every major Android release has, up to this point, had a statue erected in front of Building 44 at the Googleplex in Mountainview, California. A few days ago, Android Honeycomb finally received it's own physical representation in the form of a statue designed to look like a piece of honeycomb, complete with a lone bee and a little green Android popping out of one of the cells.

Below is a video from Google employee Dan Morrill, showing the delivery of the statue:


Thanks to the Google Mobile Blog, a second video (shown below) has appeared, showing the statue being unboxed and set up:

The piece of honeycomb will go on to join a cupcake, donut, eclair, and frozen yogurt statue to bring the collection up to date. There is some solid speculation that the open cell in between the bee and the Android is designed for people to pose in for a photo, which seems like a good idea. 

If memory serves me correctly, normally, the statue of a new Android version is unveiled before the release of a new Android OS version, which implies that the latest statue came a bit late, considering that the Xoom launched about a week ago. However, you won't hear me complaining much, as the statue looks amazing.

In Gingerbread news, it was recently revealed that the latest version of Gingerbread (2.3.3) includes a new ability for applications to be able to take a screenshot of the device's display. This has been possible in the past, but only if a user was rooted.

Now that unrooted user's have this option, expect to see a lot of applications popping up with this ability. I myself have been wanting this ability for a long time, as I stay unrooted in order to not have to worry about unrooting once the latest Android update comes out.

Image from Justin Mattson

Source: Android Central

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