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[Update] Android Market Web Client Problem Raises Questions About ROM Support
Google 2 min read 12 comments

[Update] Android Market Web Client Problem Raises Questions About ROM Support

Engadget is reporting that the Android Market web client is giving some users problems which indicate that the site may not support Android phones running custom ROMs. In the Android Market Help Forum, many users are reporting that their phone is not being recognized by the site and explains the error by saying “There are no Android devices associated with this account.”

When going into the help section to diagnose the problem, users are shown two possibilities:

1. You're not logged in with the primary Google account associated with your device

2.You haven't accessed Android Market from your device recently.

However, in many cases, both of those possibilities do not apply to the user, as they are logged into the primary account, or have recently accessed the Android Market with their device.

Engadget reports having this problem on their rooted and ROMed HTC Hero. Our very own Alex T., who commented that he has problems with getting his Droid X to receive the apps, also appears to be suffering from a somewhat similar problem and runs a custom ROM.

I, running an unrooted and vanilla version of Android Gingerbread on my Nexus S, have had no problem accessing the site and pushing apps onto my phone.

Is this all a big coincidence that has nothing to do with whether a phone has a custom ROM or not, and is instead another problem within the site? It seems likely, as Engadget's poll indicates that some people with custom ROMs are able to use the site correctly, and some people with unmodified phones are not able to use the site correctly, same as the ones who originally started the rumor.

Let's just hope that Google gets on the case quickly and fixes the problem(s) whatever it could be. Anyone else here having problems, and how is your phone set up?

[Update] A member of Androidforums has supposedly found a solution for some devices afflicted with this bug.

Image from Engadget

Source: Engadget


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  • What app are you using in order to download and update the apps?

  • Hi, am new to scroll android 2.1 operating systems. I can't update any apps at all. even those that were preinstalled like fbreader and facebook can'be updated. Have tried reload still nothing works. I make sure app installer, fbreader and facebook are ticked. Tablet connected to router too. E Barr

  • Thanks for your help. And yes, it is AT&T. You wouldn't believe all we've been through just trying to get phones that do what they're designed to do. We got the new Google Nexus first, only to find out the carrier T-Mobile wouldn't work in our house! You had to go outside to make a call or get on the internet! We decided to switch back to AT&T, and found out the Nexus wouldn't work with AT&T. So we had to take the phones back and start over. Now we have these and my son can't download apps. It's crazy. I will try the link you listed above. Thanks again!

  • This means that your provider has blocked the "allow unlock sources" for your phone. Is it with AT&T? I've heard so many complaints about how AT&T puts a lot of limitations on their Samsung Galaxy S phones.

    It seems like the only option would be to root your phone.

    I've also found this solution here: http://www.androidcentral.com/sideload-android-apps-all-you-want-sideload-wonder-machine

    I'm not 100% sure if it works, but seems like the only option if you don't want to root your phone.

  • We both have the samsung galaxy s

  • Concerning your problems with AndroidPIT, what Android phone do you have?

    On most HTC phones going to Setting/Applications gets you to the Unknown sources option. This may be different on other phones so let me know which one you have.

  • I'm also having issues getting androidpit to install on my phone. I followed the suggestions on the site...... "Before installing the AndroidPIT App Center, you have to allow downloads from "unknown sources" on your phone. This lets you install software that does not come directly from the Android Market.

    Youʼll find this option on your phone under Settings/Applications and check "unknown sources" to activate it."

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find an area on my phone to allow unknown sources.

  • My son is having that same issue with market saying “There are no Android devices associated with this account.” We have tried everything to get this fixed and nothing works. On my phone however, I can download apps from the marketplace, but when I try doing this from my PC, I too get the error message "“There are no Android devices associated with this account.” Which is clearly not the case since I can download apps on my phone. It is extremely frustrating in itself, but even moreso since there is no way to contact a live person for support.

  • Douglas: Yeah, I agree with you about Sven. I think the App Center should get more credit for its quality. It really works great. It just has a relatively small selection of apps, but it's growing quickly!!

  • htc hero running cyanogen mod android 2.2 with no problems

  • I do like the App Centers ability to do this as well.

    The fact that Sven spent so much time working on it for it to be special and stand out from the competition is great, but now that Google has done it themselves, his hard work will likely not receive the recognition it deserves from the community.

  • My conclusion from all of this: our own AndroidPIT App Center is way better!!!