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[Update][Video] Moronic Friday news: White iPhone + Google location tracking lawsuit
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[Update][Video] Moronic Friday news: White iPhone + Google location tracking lawsuit

Sometimes reading the new is wading through piles of stuff you're not interested in (hint: royal weddings) and sometimes there's stuff you're interested in but you start reading about it and it's a pile of BS. Today, I read at least 5 articles whose contents were the latter, amongst which 2 of relevance for our blog. First, the iPhone 4 is being released - 10 months late to the game - and here's the kicker: it's chubbier than it's black cousin so you can toss those cases you already have and throw more money down the throats of case manufacturers. Second, Google is getting sued over the location-based tracking debacle that the iPhone started. But wait, when you do the initial setup of your phone Google clearly asks you if you want to keep your location private or proclaim to the world how much time you spend stuffing your face with donuts or going to shady places. More info past the break.


 So, that white iPhone. On Apple's website the tech specs are unified for the two colors, but as you can see from the picture above, that's not the case (no, not a 'case' pun). Reports from Engadget say that the white version is 9.5 mm versus 9.3 mm and most third-party case manufacturers have to submit their cases to Apple before getting the seal of approval - which also means their cases are milimetrically close to the actual phone. I'll forgo the birth-right of spewing conspiracy theories about Apple being in cohoots with case manufacturers to squeeze money out of suckers waiting 10 months for a white iPhone. But I will say that, if it takes you that long to figure out how to get UV protection between the paint and internatls and release it, you should probably just give up. 

Second, two women are sueing Google over location-tracking in their phones - for $50 million. First, after the initial setup of your phone it asks you if you want to allow Google to track you. The box is unchecked. It's entirely your call to check it and do the deed. It's not opt-out, there aren't hundreds of pages of disclaimers to read through to know it's actually doing it (I'm looking at you, Apple) - it's right there. Also, nobody gives a shit how often you go to the hairdressers or get your nails done. And unless you work for the government and have super secret spy stuff to do, nothing jusifies asking for $50 million. 

On a related note, in a move to protect themselves from self-righteous idiots that sue without readint the not-so-fine print, Verizon will now put another sticker that you have to remove to get to your nice new Android phone:

I know they're trying to be politically correct and things, but I would have gone with a more passive-aggressive thing, like printing a screenshot of the two location-related checkboxes with the message "you're doing it wrong" on it. But that's just me. 

The video below from South Park pretty much shows what could well happen to people that don't read the EULA and update notes:




Images: Engadget

Video: ComedyCentral - South Park

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