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VLC For Android Enters Beta, Pre-Release Testers Wanted
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VLC For Android Enters Beta, Pre-Release Testers Wanted

If you've been using a PC for anytime in the last 5 years, chances are you've heard of VLC. And after months of waiting, the multi-media all-rounder is finally taking the plunge into the Android community. If you don't get excited about “just another media-player“ then you probably don't know what VLC is bringing to Android's table.

The robust program is famous for handling just about every media type out there without a hitch. What's more its a perfect fit for the Android world: VLC is free, open source and cross-platform. What's not to like? While it's not the prettiest program out there, are you really going to complain about a free media-player that offers all-in-one functionality and saves you time? I think not.

As mentioned above VLC is still in private beta meaning they're looking for test devices to try out their new software on. Sign up below and you might just end up with a pre-release version of one of the best media-players on the market today. While some people might shy away from the idea of testing new software out on their prized Android handset, don't panic. VLC can't brick your phone and by signing up below you'll be helping enrich the Android community as a whole. If being a guinea pig isn't for you then hopefully the developers of VLC will get their Android release pushed through the beta ASAP.

Android VLC Beta Tester Form


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  • I would have loved to have this run on my Galaxy 10.1 but now I probably wont be able to... thank you apple!

  • I'd use it. Who care if it's not the best looking... as long as I don't have to stich programs or convert my... ummmm... completly legaly aquired film films *cough,cough* I'm cool with it.

  • Because it's differnt! It's Android is about freedom of choice and this just expands our options. Im all for it.

  • Its cool that they want to give it away for free but I cant really get exctied about this. My Xperia came with a movie play already... why do I need a new one?

  • Sounds cool and like Bob said I'd love this for my tablet but Im not sure Id need a new media player on my phone. But are you sure they're aren't any risks for my handset if I help with the beta? Im not going to be able to afford a 2nd that fast. Esp. after I just plopped down the cash for a HP TouchPad (thank you ebay!)

  • Well thats good news. I've always been a big fan of VLC and I didn't even know they were working on a port. I'm using a Galaxy tab so the media playback is good but Ill probably switch over to VLC just for consistancys sake. Good news.