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I'm sure that many of you experienced computer users (probably close to all of you) have heard about or use VLC Media Player on your computers at home. Last year, the VideoLAN development team behind the program was developing a version of it to run on Android, and although they are running behind schedule based on what they announced before, they expect to have a beta available in one to two months.


In an interview with a German website, Rémi Duraffort, a board member of VideoLAN, explained the delays behind the release of the app:

"Unfortunately, VLC uses some features from the libc that Bionic does not implement. For this reason we had to add workarounds to be able to compile and run VLC Media Player. It requires time as some of these workarounds are a bit complex."

VLC Media Player is known in many circles for being great cross platform media player freeware. I myself have it installed on my computers and often use it to watch films and other video files. Once this app hits the Android Market, you can bet that I'll be jumping to get my hands on it, as I have very high expectations for it.

The app is expected to work on Android 1.5+ devices, but also come with the ability to use new audio and video APIs for Gingerbread+ devices.

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  • chinmay Mar 25, 2011 Link to comment

    very eagerly waiting for vlc on android so missing it alot. so plz b fast and make it free

  • Stanley Mar 23, 2011 Link to comment

    Yeah, thats good I'll b eager 2 have it but make it free. Please!

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