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Verizon Gets Customer Service Award: Can Rankings Be Trusted?
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Verizon Gets Customer Service Award: Can Rankings Be Trusted?

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When the news came out that Verizon ranked highest in customer care based on a J.D. Power survey, I couldn't believe my eyes. After all, everyone knows that the mohemoth that is Verizon is one of the least customer friendly companies in the entire world. Just try calling their customer hotline to figure out a simple problem - you are guaranteed a roller-coaster ride of frustration and anger directed at the the incomptenece of their customer service representatives. So how could a company with such a dismal reputation among cell phone users in the US rank highest in a reputable consumer survey? 

Much has been said about Verizon and its not-so-customer-friendly practices beginning with their draconian return policy and finishing with their ridiculous hidden fees. To make things even worse, Verizon has also capped its "unlimited" data plans angering customers across the US.

Having a Verizon contract can be a real nightmare if something goes even slightly wrong with your phone or wireless service. In that respect, Verizon isn't any different than all of the other major wireless companies. It's the same old outsourcing of call centers to India where the low-payed employees are not allowed to veer off-script and provide you only with robotic answers such as "Verizon is doing all it can to provide you with the best possible service". 

So knowing all of this, how could Verizon rank highest among all American wireless providers in terms of customer service? As always, the answer is hidden in the details. 

First off, it must be admitted that in the world of a mobile quasi-oligarchy, where just a few companies control the entire market, customer service is fairly poor across the board. As consumers we've significantly lowered our expectations about customer service from major companies. Talking to automated messaging systems has become the rule and talking to real humans on the phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

(Photo courtesy of JD Power)

Just take a quick at the chart above and you'll notice that the differences in ratings on this 1,000 point scale are actually fairly slight. Verizon scores just four points more than its neareast challenger T-Mobile. Obviously, the Verizon people will be sure to use this information for their own corporate propoganda and most of the news media simply regurgitates the results of the survey without any in-depth analysis. Given the fact that J.D. Power does not disclose its survey questions and specific research method it's difficult to say how representative this data is of consumers in America as a whole. 

So out of curiosity, what do YOU think about Verizon and their customer service? Please share your good and bad experiences with them in the comments!

Source: JD Power


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  • wow! I really feel for you, but that's exactly how my experiences with them have always. It never ceases to amaze me how badly they treat theircustomers.

    Thanks for sharing the story.

  • I've been very frustrated with their customer service. You're right about the "scripted" answers to issues when their tech support personnel in India can BARELY speak English, and very hard to understand. I am having internet connection problems, and after spending over 2 hours on the phone, the answer I got was "there's an outage in your area. Please call back in 24 hours if you still cannot connect to the internet."

    That's a bunch of BS. My neighbor, who is my sister-in-law has no problem getting on the web and they have Verizon as their ISP. I mentioned this, and he insisted that there's still an outage in the area. Hmmm...so wouldn't that mean she's connected to the SAME server?

    We've been told that we would get a whopping $5 credit on the account. Oh boy, no internet access for a week now, and that's all? Woo-hoo!!


  • OK. That makes a lot of sense. I had a friend from Wyoming that had the same exact issue.

  • I suppose it's a bigger deal elsewhere but Verizon is the only major cell phone company with coverage of the state here in ND. Performers come through and are dismayed when their fancy iPhones turn into expensive paperweights because of the spotty AT&T coverage. Same goes with T Mobile and Sprint... so nobody really cancels contracts in my friends circle other than to join VZW.

  • Well, most of the problems concern contract cancelations and warranty issues.

  • I actually have never had an issue with Verizon service. Granted I haven't used it or needed to return my phone since the change up. I don't even really call them for anything but billing questions. Otherwise all my tech support needs get a trip into the store for resolution.