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[Video] A Two Minute Peek at Ice Cream Sandwich

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Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) hasn't officially launched yet but apparantly an especially lucky eBay user has apparantly already gotten a good glimpse of what it'll look like. The story goes that some dude ordered a Nexus S from eBay and, upon its arrival, discovered that it was running on a software that was just a tad...altered. When he opened the "About" screen, he found that the phone was running "IceCreamSandwich." So, what does Android's future hold? Let's take a look!

In the video below, you can make out the new lockscreen and shortcuts, auto-rotate animations, holographic UI, Linus 3.0 kernel, new camera app, revamped notification bar, new app drawer with widgets, new camera modes and a new multitasking UI. You can also see that Google apparantly seems to be pimping their own apps pretty extensively with a "Google Apps" icon that opens up a tray containing a number of featured services. 

Already the tech community has become divided over whether or not the video is a fake. Some claim there aren't enough sweeping, drastic changes to proclaim that this is the new UI. What do you think?


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Source: Engadget

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