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[Video] Casio G'zOne in Action

A few days ago we brought you a story about the new G'zOne...which is not to be pronounced Jizz Zone (phew!)

Bizzare name aside, the phone has a lot of cool features, including the ability to withstand windstorms, extreme temperatures and 4 foot drops. It's also got a compass, walking counter, tidal graph, thermometer and a tool for tracking the phases of the moon. The phone will even tell you what clothes to wear based on the weather outside!

In the video below, created by a dude at Android Central, you can see how the pedometer works, check out the tidal graphing feature (looks beautiful) and check out temperatures across the world. Watch as the reviewer also accidentally turns on the flashlight (looks bright!)

Useful? Sure! Especially if you're the outdoorsy type. And how often is it that the apps that come bundled with your Android perform such interesting functions? I think this is one of the most unique Android phones to be released recently. 

Source: Android Central

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