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[Video] News of the Weird: Andy Tattoo For Ultimate Android Fan

Authored by: Aaron Tilton — Sep 12, 2011

In this weeks episode of Android News of the Weird, Android has apparently reached Apple like cult status. At least that's what you could think after watching the video of a deranged –sorry– I mean loyal Android fanatic who decided to get the ultimate sign of Android loyalty emblazoned on his body for all to see.

 Link zum Video

You have to admit the tattoo doesn't look half bad but still that would be the last thing I'd get inked on me if I had my druthers. Don't get me wrong. I love me my Android but but everything about this screams “ a folly of youth” if you get my drift. But who am I to judge, this man loves his Android and isn't afraid to scream it from the mountain as it were. So to you sir, I tip my hat!



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