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[Video] Senseye Technology Allows You to Control Your Android Just By Looking At It

A new technology called Senseye can track eye movements, allowing users to have a completely hands-free experience with their Android devices. Using a front-facing camera and infrared LED, Senseye can:

  • Dim the screen when it notices that no one is watching it
  • Scroll pages by tracking eye movements.
  • Enter passwords by tracking eye movements across numbers.
  • Shoot video game enemies also by tracking eye movements across a video game screen.
  • Allow advertisers to track how long users look at various elements on the screen. 

Perhaps best of all, Senseye is cheap to manufacture – the company claims the total cost of camera and LED is around $5 – which means it'll be far more likely to see wide-implementation than many of the experimental technologies we write about on this site. The company claims the first Senseye-enabled devices will ship in 2013, although Senseye isn't naming names yet. 

Click below to see a video of the technology in action:


Source: The Verge

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