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Video Shows Flash, Possible Android 2.2 Homescreen
Android 2.2 – Froyo Twitter 2 min read 3 comments

Video Shows Flash, Possible Android 2.2 Homescreen

Ryan Stewart, an evangelist for Adobe, posted a video on Youtube showing his Nexus One running the latest version of Adobe Flash 10.1. Christopher over at AndroidandMe looked at the video, and at the end noticed a new looking homescreen which leads many to believe that the picture you see below is the homescreen for Android 2.2.

Upon examining the image, it appears that new features in Android 2.2 will include an updated launcher, Android tutorial, and a new Google Search box. As for the functionality of the new Google Search box, AndroidGuys writes that:

It's possible that the widget will now allow you to select from a list of search engines. That, or perhaps it will let you select which parts of your phone to search; we'll have to just wait and find out.

The link to the video on Youtube is here.

As for when to expect Android 2.2, AndroidandMe suggests that:

Google is expected to unveil Android 2.2 at this month’s Google I/O. An increasing number of visitors to our site are running the latest FroYo firmware so it appears the update has been finalized.

Additionally, a tweet from cyngus revealed in the AndroidandMe article mentions the probable arrival at the Googleplex of the FroYo sculpture.

Other Sources: AndroidGuys, Youtube

Image from AndroidandMe

Source: AndroidandMe


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  • Thanks for yr reply! cheer

  • Android 2.2 for the Xperia X10 has not yet been officially released. Sony Ericsson plans on updating to Android 2.1 soon, and after that is anyone's guess. You can look for a method to root your phone and install a custom ROM that might work, but that is risky and might damage your phone.

  • hi! where can i download the android 2.2 for SONY X10i? Plz tell me if someone know. thank for yr help. i am looking forward to yr reply.