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[Video] Two New Products Protect Your Android Against Extreme Abuse
Samsung Galaxy S2 Hardware Samsung 2 min read 3 comments

[Video] Two New Products Protect Your Android Against Extreme Abuse

Ever got so frustrated you wanted to throw your Xoom out the window? Ever wanted to pitch a baseball directly into the screen of your Galaxy S? Well, now you can do both things!

Today we bring you news of two innovative products that help protect your sensitive electronics against the worst life can bring -- and then some.

First, is a tablet case called G-Form Extreme, which can survive being dropped on by a bowling ball and being thrown off a 20 foot balcony. The heavy duty case is made of PORON XRD, a flexible material that looks like it was created from Batman's batsuit and can absorb 90 percent of impact energy. Watch below as it is thrown out of a window:

You can buy one for your tablet for just $59.99. 

Second, remember how Samsung has been bragging about the Gorilla Glass used in their new Galaxy SII? Well, we were wondering just what it was, and thankfully we just found a clip of the GorillaGlass in action. Watch here as it withstands the shock of being pummeled by a baseball:

Does the Gorilla Glass make you more inclined to buy a Galaxy SII?  Would you shell out a bit more for a laptop case that can be thrown out a window? Let us know!

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  • I have Gorilla Glass on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC HD2 phone (running Android). Both devices have cheap silicon covers as well. The HD2 fell out of my semi truck to the asphalt from about 4-5 ft, not a scratch much less any damage. I keep both devices in Body Glove sleeves when I'm not using them. A little care and these devices will become obsolete before they break..

  • I agree. When it comes to the laptop case, I think they just create these products so they can film videos of throwing them out of windows.

    But strong glass on your phone's screen is key. I can't count the number of friends who've broken their phone's screens.

  • It all sounds very nice and good to have "just in case", but whatever happened to plain, careful handling of your gadgets?
    I've got a silicone case for my Desire HD, but so far not needed it.
    Take good care and be mindful.
    Attend anger management courses for the rest.