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Watch the Kyocera Echo Withstand Excessive Abuse

Authored by: Steven Blum — Jul 6, 2011

Initial reviews of the 3.5", 1GHz Kyocera Echo were solid, if not glowing. But perhaps reviewers would have been even kinder had they understood the FULL INDESTRUCTABILITY of the Kyocera's glass and folding hinges. Well, now Kyocera is trying to publicize these facts, lest anyone think its phone is a fragile little butterfly. 

This first video, set in a laboratory, amply demonstrates that the phone's Gorilla Glass display simply cannot be damaged no matter how many times it is dropped. Additionally, extensive laboratory testing of the folding mechanism on the phone have also been conducted (100,000 times!) without any sign of wear or tear.

Eat your heart out, Samsonite. 

Source: Android Central

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