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We're Giving Away 25 Google+ Invites!

We're Giving Away 25 Google+ Invites!

Swooning over Google's new social networking site but without the connections to score an invite? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've been invited to Google + by a friend and we're ready to share our invites with you, once Google begins allowing us to invite again.

To win an invite, simply comment on this post and tell us why you're so excited about Google +. We'll pick 25 winners (or possibly more) by tonight and send invites to them. 

What are you waiting for? 

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  • Ya....Please invite...

  • First...

  • The contest hasn't closed yet! We've sent out about 15 invites and are ready to send out ten more. Looking for witty, weird and wonderful comments!

  • Don't like Facebook, would like to test Google+

  • I missed the fb wave - so now I want to be ahead of the wave for once.

  • I'm really interested in Google's new service Google+. It's really interesting and helpful, as you can group persons by categories and stay in touch with your closest friends and relatives easier, not like FB having thousands of friends, trying to find the most important ones.
    As an Android developer it will really help me to organize my contacts and be constantly in contact with other professionals and colleagues, keeping in touch, sharing information, making video conferences.
    I hope that I will be one of the lucky guys to try Google+ and organize the circles around me.

  • I love the circles idea...no more worries bout my mom joining a social network =p

  • would dig an invite. i have three droid devices and several gmail accts. use google voice for side business. would like to get in on ground floor w google+ .. do not care for facebook but am excited @ what i am hearing about +

  • chris Jul 1, 2011 Link to comment

    still waiting for the chance to use the app already installed :P

  • Early adopter & developer

  • It's going to be the best thing since sliced bread. I really like the hangout functions. Google's gonna stomp Facebook!!!

  • i dont have a real reason. i just wanna try it out.

  • Looking forward for the immediate upload of pics (among other features) hope I get a chance to play with it. :)

    Thank you,

  • I would really like to get an invite. I believe it will provide me with a feeling of superiority over all the riff raff on facebook. That would be awesome.

  • What G+ is going to do for businesses is insane. What it will do for the social scene is adding a new venue. People are lining up like it is the grand opening of the first Taco Bell in town.

  • Harris Jun 30, 2011 Link to comment

    Actually... Am not a social networking kinda guy.....i don't usually socialize much through facebook or any other....but after knowing the google plus features like circle,huddle, etc also about the total privacy of thid ......am kinda going to like this new friendly social platform...so if it's possible...please send me an invite...

  • send me an invite and ill deliver a russian bride for the entire crew... that is the single ones lol

  • I'm hopelessly lonely. Will you +1 me?

  • Would love an invite, mostly cause I have a secret crush on the big G

  • Guy L. Jun 30, 2011 Link to comment

    It's Google, need I say anything more?!

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