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What Does 367ppi Pixel Density Look Like?

Think the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Infuse have incredibly bright, crisp and clear displays?

Well, Toshiba has just upped the ante with an LCD screen that contains 367 ppi density, besting the iPhone's by around 41 ppi. The writers over at Engadget called the display "crisp, clear and chromatically brilliant," and included a slideshow showcasing all of its riches: incredibly bright, green leaves, fully-detailed city panoramas and a good sense of depth in an indoor shot.

While marketing the iPhone, Steve Jobs claimed the human eye can only recognize 300 pixels per inch. Those claims were then confirmed by Phil Plait from Discover Magazine. So it's safe to say that at 367 ppi, we're dealing with a density far above our retinal capacity (unless we have better than perfect vision, in which case the display would just barely match our retinal capacity).

What do you think? Would you prefer a great ppi over a 3D display? Would you pay a bit more for great resolution?

Source: Engadget


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  • @Martin sounds like ppi will be more important once we're all wearing graphically-enhanced google glasses.

  • @Steven Blum: actualy the limit depends on how far you
    hold the device away from your eyes.

    It is 300ppi for average (100%) eyesight at the distance an averages user holds the device.

    So 367ppi will serve a person with above average (say 120%) eyesight and short arms. — Childreen ;-)

  • @Steve Well, the broad public "doesn't need to know" as long it can sell phones.
    The DHD comes in at about 240DPI. As you point out, 300DPI is just great for just great reasons.

  • One thing I don't understand -- if our eyeballs can only compute 300 pixels per inch, what's the point of having more?

  • There are many features that are a lot more important to me than screen density unless it is really bad.

  • I´d settle for a 'decent' DPI, plain old 2D. I haven't played around with 3D and can't for the life of me see why I would. So far, it just seems like more consumerism.
    (Why, oh why did I get the Desire HD. Great phone (pun not intended) but the DPI is a bit on the lean side).

  • Agreed. That would look ridiculous. :)

  • Nah, didn't yet. But I've read so many opinions about the glasses free 3D, and most of them were bad. Until glasses free 3D is completely ready, I won't like it.

  • Have you played around with a 3D phone? It's so hard for me to tell what they're like from the videos alone.

  • Yes. 3D is useless in my opinion!