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Who's Afraid of Google+?

Authored by: Steven Blum — Sep 9, 2011

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So, you may have heard about this Google+ thingy. You know, the site that encourages you to divide your friends into groups, kind of like at an elementary school cafeteria? Well, Facebook seems to have been trying to think of ways they can compete with Google+'s circles feature and is now helping its users divide their friends, as well. Hooray for friend / acquaintance separation!

Facebook is rolling out something called "Smart Lists"  on select user profiles – which, as you'd think, groups certain obvious groups of friends into lists created by Facebook. So far, it seems facebook is automatically grouping friends into three clusters:

  • Co-workers
  • School mates
  • People who live in your city

It's probably a good idea that the company is capitalizing on one of Google+'s most popular features but it does make Facebook look like it's playing catch-up. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Google+'s growth has slowed significantly since launch. Facebook, on the other hand, has seen revenue double in the first-half of this year. Soo maybe they don't need to worry so much about apeing this circles feature. 

But they're rolling it out anyway.

Source: Tech Crunch

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  • Martin Krischik Sep 9, 2011 Link to comment

    @Sam Buchbinder, @Maria Brambova: Just install any Jabbar compatible chat program.

    @Anette West: Indeed.

    @Di Tao: It is already there for 6 Month or so. But automatic detection does not work hence you never noticed.

  • Aaron Tilton Sep 9, 2011 Link to comment

    I'm not afriad of google+ (google runs the world... we all know what already) but what I am worried about or rather don't like is Facebooks automatic face recognition .... now that makes me nervous.

  • Maria Brambova Sep 9, 2011 Link to comment

    Man how often are they going to change FBs interface its like twice a week now... btw I want my old chat back!

  • Di Tao Sep 9, 2011 Link to comment

    When will this be rolled out to all users?

  • Anette West Sep 9, 2011 Link to comment

    Why do they chose the lists for you? Doesn't sound very customize-able.

  • Sam Buchbinder Sep 9, 2011 Link to comment

    Wake me up when they improve chat.